We aim to make Real Estate Trustworthy, Transparent and Accessible to all

Our Mission

Investorey aims to make investment into real estate accessible to investors across the country and the globe, providing them with the right tools and the technology to utilise real estate as an investment instrument to the maximum

Our Story

Investorey was started by IIT & IIM grads with a view of bringing investment into real estate classes to the masses. Starting with understanding how difficult it is to make non data based decision and convincing people to invest into real estate we realised that for an industry which is one of the biggest in the country and across the globe, it is far behind in maximising its return potential for stakeholders in the ecosystem

How are we doing things

Tech Based

Solving Problems of real estate with a tech first approach

Promoting Objectivity

Scoring and valuation systems created to remove subjectivity from real estate and replacing it with comparable objectivity

One Stop Solution

Building to minimise effort and maximise return, one stop solution for both investment opportunity providers and investors

Meet Our Team

With over 20+ years of combined Industry experience, we have got a well-seasoned team at the helm

Manisheel Gautam

 Co-Founder and CEO

Shikhar Daydar

Co-Founder and CPO

Karan Mulchandani

Head of Investments and Partnership

Sachin Meshram

Chief Technical Officer

Our Advisors

With over 20+ years of combined Industry experience, we have got a well-seasoned team at the helm

Harshit Sharma

Technical Advisor

Ex Ola and current co-founder of tech based security startup. Extensive experience in data architecture and machine learning

Ashish Bajaj

Marketing Advisor

Ex Ola, Ex Microsoft and Current Medibuddy CMO. Marketing specialist with experience in multiple forms of marketing

Nikhil Bhandarkar

Strategy Advisor

Co-Founder and MD of Panthera Peak Ventures, one of the largest early-stage venture debt funds, backed and scaled more than 40 startups

Hitesh Rao

Operations Advisor

8+ Years of growing own profitable family businesses across 5 business domains.                  

Sumit Gupta

Business Advisor

Esteemed IITB Alumnus and Founder of CoinDCX, a Crypto exchange platform in India with a valuation over a Billion USD

Rajesh Binner

Real Estate Advisor

Real Estate and Financial Instrument Veteran, Founder of Yield Asset and part of leadership of DNR corp and Baghmane Group